Vietnam isn't just about pho! The depth of Vietnamese noodle dishes!

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When you think of Vietnamese noodle dishes, you think of rice flour pho.

But that's not all. There are many different types of Vietnamese noodle dishes.

Noodle dishes in the south of Ho Chi Minh City and in the north of Hanoi have different characteristics and seasonings.

The seasoning in the south is sweet and has a strong taste, and the taste in the north is light and light.

There are various variations depending on the region and household in Vietnam. Below are some popular noodle dishes in Vietnamese cuisine.

1) Phở

As you all know, Vietnam's most famous noodle dish. A soup made with beef or chicken stock. Adjust the taste with toppings such as herbs, bean sprouts, limes, and chili peppers.

2) Bún bò Huế

A traditional noodle dish from the Hue region of central Vietnam, featuring a spicy beef and pork broth. Flavors such as rice noodles, lemongrass, chili and garlic are characteristic. The soup is thick and the seasoning is strong.

3) Mì Quảng

Another popular noodle dish in Da Nang, central Vietnam, is a noodle dish with crunchy noodles and topped with pork, chicken, shrimp, vegetables and herbs. The soup is rather small, and the crispy senbei crackers are broken into pieces and mixed with the noodles.

4) Bún riêu

Bún , a noodle dish featuring rice flour noodles and a tomato-based broth, is topped with pork, crabmeat, tofu, bean sprouts and herbs.

5) Bánh canh

A dish of thick udon-like noodles made from tapioca and rice flour, with fish broth, pork, fish cakes, shrimp and crab.

6) Bún chả

A popular dish in northern Hanoi, Vietnam, it contains grilled pork hamburgers, bun noodles, carrots and radishes seasoned with vinegar. Dip it in a sweet nuoc mam-based sauce.


7) Cao lầu

A famous noodle dish in Hoi An, central Vietnam, featuring chewy, unique noodles, pork, herbs and cracker-like toppings. Using local well water to make the noodles gives them a unique texture.

8) Binder ( BÁNH ĐA)

It is a dish from a region called Hai Phong, located in the northern part of Hanoi, Vietnam. It is served with a soup filled with crab (Cua) extract.

8) Hootieu ( Hu Tieu )

Phu Thieu is a noodle dish from southern Vietnam, made from rice. Because it is dried in the sun once, it is characterized by being chewier than pho. Noodles that go well with soups and sweet and spicy sauces, and you can choose to have them with or without soup.

Ingredients include shrimp, pork, ground pork, pork liver, quail eggs, and green onions.

These are just some of the Vietnamese noodle dishes, but many communities and homes enjoy their own noodle dishes. Vietnamese cuisine is known for its diversity and unique flavors, and there are countless delicious noodle dishes to choose from.

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