What will happen to customs duties and taxes regarding personal cargo transportation from Vietnam to Japan? ?

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VIETKAU offers online sales of Vietnamese food and miscellaneous goods, forwarding services to Japan, etc., but the most common inquiries are about import duties and consumption tax when importing to Japan.

Basically, if the customs value (invoice value) of goods imported into Japan is 10,000 yen or less, in principle customs duties, consumption tax and local consumption tax are exempted.

Also, in the case of personal imports, 60% of the overseas market price is taxed, so if the total product price including international shipping is up to 16,666 yen, tax exemption is not required, and customs duty and consumption tax are not required.

In the case of more than that, tax will be imposed based on the HS code determined for the imported product.

When importing from overseas, the best way to avoid paying customs duty and consumption tax is to shop so that the total price does not exceed 16,666 yen!

Another thing to keep in mind is that in the case of food, etc., if it is less than 10 kg, you can import it without submitting a food notification. If it is more than that, you will have to submit a notification of food, etc., and if you are an individual, it will be difficult to import, so please check around that!

We have many experienced staff in importing and exporting, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about importing and exporting between Vietnam and Japan!

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