Shipping Policy and Shipping Fee

The purchased product will be shipped by airmail, and in Japan, it will be delivered by EMS or Yamato Transport by Japan Post. Basically, if the weight is 10 kg or more, it will be delivered by EMS, and if it is 10 kg or less, it will be delivered by Yamato Transport.

EMS (international speed mail)

basic size

Maximum weight

From 20kg to 30kg ( 30,000g )

longest side

Within 1.5m

sum of length and circumference

Within 3.0m

Yamato mail

basic size

Maximum weight

Up to 10kg ( 10,000g )

longest side

Within 1.5m

sum of length and circumference

Within 3.0m

tracking service

You can check the delivery status of your package by entering the tracking number on the page below. (EMS) (Yamato Transport)

In the case of post office service EMS, it takes about 1 week to 10 days from shipment to delivery. In the case of Yamato Transport, it will be delivered in about 3 to 4 days after shipment.

However, please note that there may be delays due to delays in air transportation, busy periods, customs procedures, etc.

Shipping costs are determined by the weight of your order.

Calculate the actual weight or volumetric weight (length cm x width cm x height cm)/6000, whichever is greater will be applied as the shipping fee.

weight kilo Fee (yen) weight kilo Fee (yen)
0.5 2,487 10.5 14,779
1 2,985 11 15,277
1.5 3,617 11.5 15,846
2 4,115 12 16,343
2.5 4,839 12.5 16,911
3 5,337 13 17,410
3.5 5,897 13.5 17,975
Four 6,395 14 18,473
4.5 7,188 14.5 19,042
Five 7,687 15 19,538
5.5 9,151 15.5 20,107
6 9,649 16 20,605
6.5 10,211 16.5 21,172
7 10,709 17 21,671
7.5 11,271 17.5 22,239
8 11,769 18 22,738
8.5 12,329 18.5 23,305
9 12,827 19 23,803
9.5 13,389 19.5 24,370
Ten 13,887 20 24,868


  • Purchases are for personal use only and cannot be resold or transferred to others. Imported for personal use only.

  • The delivery address will be addressed to the applicant (individual). We do not accept any applications where the name of a company, corporation, organization, etc. is the import source.

(In the case of only the company name, it will not be judged as personal importation and customs may ask you to pay customs duties.In addition, import may not be possible unless import procedures and licenses are obtained according to the product to be imported.)

  • Purchase (import) and use of products shall be used at the applicant's own discretion and responsibility, and in any case, we do not take any responsibility.

About delivery

  • The purchased products will be shipped from Vietnam by airmail. Regarding the delivery company, we will decide whether to use the local post office EMS or Yamato Transport, depending on the amount of purchase.

Basically, EMS is used for items over 10 kg, and Sagawa Express is used for items under 10 kg.

If the order amount exceeds 10,000 yen , import duties, other taxes, and fees may be applied at the time of delivery in Japan.

We cannot guarantee goods that are confiscated or rejected due to failure to clear customs. You may have to pay import taxes or duties on your order.

These charges are separate from shipping charges and will be billed directly to you by the carrier.

In some cases, the excess amount of imports may be confiscated upon arrival in Japan, or may be removed before being shipped to Japan. Also, please note that if one bottle has already exceeded the specified quantity, it will be confiscated.

Most of the estimated delivery windows we provide are for standard deliveries. However, some orders may take longer than usual due to air delays, customs inspections, or unforeseen circumstances outside of our control.

Items belonging to the cosmetics category (including shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, etc.) are limited to 24 per item. For example, up to 24 pieces of soap, including liquid, solid, and facial wash.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Please also check the customs information below.

Customs information

For details on customs clearance and import taxes, please check the following website.

japan customs

Personal import customs clearance guide

Personal import of medicines, etc.