Vietnam proxy purchase and transportation service

We offer proxy purchase/forwarding service to customers for products purchased in Vietnam .

Many products can be bought cheaply in Vietnam, but the sellers and websites do not ship directly to overseas addresses.

That's where we can help. If you ship the products purchased from websites such as LAZADA and SHOPEE to our Vietnam warehouse, we will forward the products to you.



If it is difficult for you to purchase the product yourself, we can assist you in arranging the purchase of the desired product through our proxy purchase service.

If you are using the forwarding service, we will inform you of the address of our Vietnam warehouse, so please contact us from the inquiry form.

The delivery fee to Japan will be invoiced to the customer after the product arrives at our warehouse, so payment must be made in advance by bank transfer.

If you find it difficult to shop online from Japan, leave it to us. We purchase products from various stores in Vietnam.

The proxy purchase fee will be charged as a service fee of 8% of the total purchase amount. (Minimum service fee is 2000 yen)

What are the charges for using Assisted Purchase?

  • Purchase price

  • Proxy purchase fee 10%

  • Domestic shipping from Vietnam store (seller) to our Vietnam warehouse

  • International shipping fee from Vietnam to Japan

Each cost will be billed to the customer at the following times.

・Purchase-related expenses: Before making a proxy purchase with us

・Delivery-related costs: When the customer completes the delivery procedure after the product arrives at our warehouse

The above fees must be paid in advance by bank transfer.

In the case of a proxy purchase, please send us the following product information you wish to purchase from the inquiry form. We will contact you after confirming the stock based on that information.

Product name

Product detail information


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