How to transport personal cargo from Vietnam to Japan and what to be careful about?

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When you want to send something you bought in Vietnam to Japan, there are various services in Vietnam.

As you all know, the EMS international mail service is the most well-known transportation method, isn't it? However, it is troublesome to create an invoice and bring it in (in the case of pick-up, arrange in Vietnamese). Prices are surprisingly high. .

There are famous courier companies such as DHL and FEDEX, but they are for personal use and the shipping fee is very high for first-time customers.

In the case of VIETKAU, we have our own space in the airline company, and we also handle import/export customs clearance with our company and our partners, and we also carry out air transportation to Japan, so the fee is cheap and we also handle customs troubles. can.

We offer door-to-door transportation not only for personal cargo but also for commercial cargo, so if there is something you want in Vietnam, we will purchase it on your behalf, import and export it, and deliver it to Japan using the best transportation method.

Our company also transports a lot of personal cargo to Japan. Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control Law), (Products sent under the Washington Convention etc. are stopped at customs.

Depending on the amount and weight that can be sent by an individual, there are restrictions on the amount and weight of items that can be sent, so be careful about that as well.

Even if you send it to Japan, you can't submit proper documents, and you have to throw it all away at customs, saying it's destroyed.

At VIETKAU, in addition to online sales of Vietnamese food and miscellaneous goods, we have staff with extensive experience in transportation, so we can provide consulting services for transportation and customs issues, so please feel free to contact us. please give me.

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