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hello! Ho Chi Minh City is starting to get hot in April, and even when I'm driving a motorcycle, the hot wind hits my face and it's so hot!

Vietkau has a large selection of Vietnamese products, and we ship products directly from Vietnam to Japan.

Therefore, speaking of Vietnam, I would like to introduce this product. It is perfect for souvenirs.

👉 TOP 1 Vietnamese coffee

When you think of Vietnam, you think of Vietnamese coffee! This cannot be removed.

After all, Trung Nguyen coffee is famous.

Highlands coffee is also famous, but Trung Nguyen still occupies the shelves in supermarkets.

Milk coffee with condensed milk in this coffee is also the best!

👉 TOP 2 Vietnam Pho

I can't take this off either! Speaking of Vietnam, Pho. Pho made with rice flour and the flavor of the soup. It's not good. .

There are Pho Bo (beef) and Pho Ga (chicken), and the taste of the soup is also different. There are many pho instant noodles sold in Vietnam, and you can eat them cheaply and deliciously. Please try it once!

👉 TOP 3 Vietnamese seasoning

Speaking of seasoning, Nuoc Nam. Fish sauce made by fermenting fish and salt.

You may love it or hate it, but once you get hooked on it, you can't live without it! ? I love you so much!

There is also Mam Tom, which is one rank higher.

It's a seasoning made from fermented shrimp, and it smells great, and it has an addictive taste, so even Vietnamese people can't eat it. Although I like .

In addition, Vietnamese seasonings such as lime salt and chili sauce that go well with chicken and white fish are deep!

All products are easily available on!

Besides that, there are many famous products in Vietnam such as Bat Trang tableware, lacquerware, and silk.

If you want something that is not on the Vietkau site, please let us know and we will purchase it for you, so please feel free to contact us.

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