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[MAROU] Set of 6 single origin mini tablets

It is a mini tablet set of 6 single origins. Recommended for those who want to eat and compare different cacao flavors depending on the cacao production area. Delivered in a gift box.

Set contents: ・ BA RIA76% (Barrier 76%) The most unique flavor with a fruity acidity in moderate bitterness. A powerful taste that is as good as brandy.

・DONG NAI72% Sweet and sour and creamy like a tropical fruit parfait. A well-balanced piece with a hint of spiciness in the aftertaste.

・BEN TRE78% (Benche 78%) A piece with a flavor like dry coconut and green banana, with a rich cacao taste and a firm acidity.

・LAM DONG74% (74% Lam Dong) The rich cacao flavor and the refreshing acidity of prunes, raisins, and espresso are perfectly balanced.

・DAK LAK70% (70% DAK LAK) A piece with a strong aroma of the earth and a splendid spiciness. It has a complex flavor and is excellent with wine and whiskey.

・TIEN GIANG70% This is one of the single origin series that is easy to eat. It is characterized by its unique richness and delicate cinnamon and honey flavors, typical of Trinitario cacao.

Contents: 24g x 6 pieces

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, millet sugar, cocoa butter Expiration date: 24 months from the date of manufacture

[About MAROU] MAROU is a bean-to-bar chocolate born in Vietnam. High-quality Vietnamese cacao that two Frenchmen met while traveling in Vietnam. “Maruu” was founded in 2011 by two people who fell in love with this cacao. The raw materials for Single Origin Chocolate are only cacao and brown sugar harvested in 6 regions of Vietnam. The name of the cocoa production area is the name of the chocolate. Please enjoy the different flavors of each production area.