[-2°C below freezing cold filter] Saigon Chill 330ml

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Saigon Chill joined the Saigon brand series of SABECO, Vietnam's largest beer maker, in October 2020.

While inheriting the manufacturing method so far, by newly introducing a -2°C sub-zero filtration filter and thoroughly removing yeast, etc., the clearest taste and fruity aroma in the history of the series, and the transparency that has been raised to the limit realized. With mild carbonation, muscat-like aroma, and drinkable throat, this is the perfect bottle for aperitif. With the goal of self-fulfillment, Saigon Chill was developed as a gift for young generations around the world who want to connect with others and enjoy life.

The traditional gold dragon of the brand logo is boldly placed in the center of the metallic can, and the color based on trendy blue, which has not been seen in the series so far, enhances the coolness and stylishness of Saigon Chill. .

Contents: 330ml