Vietnamese macadamia nuts 500g no salt and no additives

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Roasted macadamia nuts from DakLak, Vietnam.

[Difference in taste] Macadamia nuts are cultivated in farms deep in the mountainous areas where ethnic minorities live in Vietnam. A local family has been cultivating macadamia nuts for generations, and all processes from harvesting to sorting, sorting, roasting, and cutting are done by hand one by one. In particular, the roasting method is a secret, not just dark roasting, but a unique method that has been passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, the taste is richer and creamier than the Australian one. Naturally salt-free and additive-free. Please fully enjoy the flavor of the nuts themselves made with commitment.

[As a companion to alcohol] Macadamia nuts are rich in nutritional ingredients such as unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, which are said to be "healthy oils". It is said that minerals are easily lost when drinking alcohol, so how about eating macadamia nuts as a snack to replenish minerals? This macadamia nut is a premium nut that is recommended for those who know the difference and those who enjoy the difference. That's why it's perfect for healing the fatigue of the day and spending a relaxing and elegant time. Please enjoy it with craft beer, highball, whiskey, bourbon, etc. for a special moment.

[Special packaging] Vacuum packing is used to prevent oxidation and to deliver hygienically fresh nuts without spoiling the flavor of nuts carefully made at the farm. The gift box is carefully wrapped with shrink film, so it is perfect for Vietnamese souvenirs, gifts, gifts for loved ones, Valentine's Day and Father's Day.