Chun Nguyen G7 3in1 instant coffee 50 bags

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Pour hot water and taste of authentic Vietnamese coffee
50 bags of Chun Nguyen instant latte (16g x 50 packets)

Speaking of instant Vietnamese coffee popular in Japan
This Chun Nguyen G7 3in1 instant cafe au lait.

No need to prepare condensed milk, sugar or milk♪
It comes with instant coffee, sugar, and milk powder.
3 in 1 (three in one)

Sweet and rich Vietnamese coffee that you can drink at a local cafe if you pour hot water
Easy to enjoy.
Please feel free to enjoy the authentic taste.
It is instant coffee that attracts many people.

[How to serve]
Pour 75-100ml of hot water (depending on how strong you like) in one bag of coffee,
Mix well and enjoy.