Superfood "Cacao Nibs" 75g

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Superfood “Cacao Nibs”

Super food cacao nibs for those who aim for beauty and health.
Super food "Cacaoni" that can easily take in the beauty, health and nutrition of cacao B"

Cacao nibs are written as cacao nibs in English. Cacao is the raw material of chocolate that is loved by many people.

The cacao beans themselves are called cacao beans, and the chips that have been crushed into chips are called cacao nibs. In other words, it corresponds to the endosperm part of the cocoa bean. In addition, cocoa powder is made by further crushing cacao nibs into a powder form (powder).
Cacao is called "the food of the gods" locally and is characterized by its very high nutritional value.

Cocoa contains a lot of polyphenols. In addition, it contains a lot of catechins, and the amount is about four times that of green tea.

You can eat it as it is, or you can sprinkle it on ice cream or yogurt.

It also goes great with grains such as soy milk, nut milk, oatmeal, and dried fruits such as raisins!

Cacao nibs have a bitter chocolate-like bitterness and aroma. The texture is said to be similar to nuts, and if you chew it well, you will feel full.It is also recommended as a snack during a diet.

Contents: 75 grams